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Artistic Fish donation to Nursery

The Nursery at All Saints have been gifted a fantastic piece of art which was recently on display at the De La Warr pavilion.  It is called ‘Meteor Tribes’  by the artist Katea Monstrous and the children have loved using it for stories and games.  Katea Monstrous told us:

On this planet, every species to ever exist came down as a meteor from outer space. The patterns of each meteor would spread out into the land and sea forming new life. 
I made this piece for my degree show at Brighton University. I used withies (willow) to build the structure of the fish. I covered it first with wet strength paper and secondly with strips of bed sheets. It took roughly 3-4 weeks. I mostly look at nature for inspiration for my artwork. I am fascinated with all sorts of different tribes from around the world. I love the way they use their bodies as a canvas. My work is forever a celebration of pattern and life!