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All Saints Church of England Primary and Nursery School

The Rainbow Rooms

Room 1:

This term, the children in room 1 will be exploring the questions 'What can we find at the seaside?' and 'How have seaside holidays changed?' We are hoping to visit the beach at least twice during the term and will enjoy exploring what we can find and do there! In school, we will be exploring different texts, including stories, non-fiction and poetry all linked to the seaside. We will use videos, photos and stories to help us compare what is the 'same' and what is 'different' about seaside trips now to seaside trips in the past. 

In Science we will be revisiting habitats, with a focus on the seaside, looking at rockpools, salt marsh, sand, cliffs and the ocean. We will then create our own seaside habitat artwork. 

In RE we will be exploring special places, we will reflect upon special places to us and then explore explore special places within religion. We will also visit All Saints church to look at some of the features there.

What a busy and exciting term we are going to have!

To support your child's learning this term, we will be asking for photos to be sent in of your child's special places so these can be shared with the class.

We will also send a bag home with each child and encourage you to visit the beach with your child. Your child will need to fill their bag with seaside treasures! Seaside treasures may include; shells, seaweed, stones, feathers...who can find the most interesting piece of treasure?!

Room 1, Knowledge Organiser Term 6


We will continue to cook once and week and forest school will continue on a Monday afternoon. PE will be on either Tuesday afternoons or Wednesday afternoons.


Room 2:

This term Room 2 are thinking about holidays.  Why do people go on holiday? Where do they go?  We will look at the different types transport people use to go away and think about where we would like to go on holiday and what we would like to do. We will be thinking about how we live in a coastal town and looking at Seaside's Through the Ages as well as looking at the features of a coastline.

In Science we will be focusing on re-cycling and looking after the planet.  Discussing why it is important, looking at what we can re-cycle and thinking about what else we can do to help our planet.

In RE we will be looking at a variety of special and significant events across different religions including Baptisms, Weddings and Bar Mitzvas. Thinking about their similarities and differences.

Rainbow Room 2 Term 6 Knowledge Organiser - Topic

Rainbow Room 2 Term 6 Knowledge Organiser - Science

The Nativity by the Rainbow Rooms (2023)