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All Saints Church of England Primary and Nursery School

Nursery inspection report

As we are a new nursery we are yet to have an Ofsted inspection, however our recent Early Years Advisor report made the following comments about our practice....

 Success Criteria:

Children who have attended All Saints nursery make accelerated progress in Reception. As a result of accurate assessments children are supported effectively to achieve their next steps and achieve their potential. Nursery feeds into the whole school development plan and is reflected in whole school policies. The quality of teaching and learning is at least good and striving towards outstanding.


Manager / Consultant / Adviser / Officer school progress evaluation:

The overall effectiveness and quality of the education provided by the nursery is good. The behaviour and safety of the children is good. Children make good progress from their starting points and achieve well, demonstrating high levels of well-being and behaviour consistently from the start of the observation to the end. Children's spiritual, moral, social and cultural development needs further improvement as already identified by EYFS leaders in the nursery development plan and SEF.

Manager / Consultant / Adviser / Officer school progress evaluation (further details):

The quality of leadership and management in the EYFS is very good. Managers pursue excellence and drive a meticulous, rigorous and robust improvement plan forward with persistent, constant review and professional enthusiasm. They communicate a vision and ethos based on sound pedagogical principles and communicate this effectively to practitioners, parents and children in their practice. Managers use formative and summative assessments to ensure that pupils, parents and practitioners know if they are achieving the expected standard or if they need to catch up. Managers maximise the potential of Hub and Village activities and funding to drive improvement plans forward effectively, acting in a timely way on priorities agreed.

Manager / Consultant / Adviser / Officer school progress evaluation (further details):

The behaviour and safety of the children are good. Children respond very quickly to their key persons, their familiar signs and signals, children know the golden rules and follow staff instructions or requests willingly. The quality of teaching is good. Key persons demonstrate an in depth knowledge of their key children and are very responsive, tuned in and warm towards all children in the nursery. Practitioners assess children's learning and progress regularly and accurately ensuring that children know and are supported in what they need to improve upon. Practitioners create a positive climate for learning in the nursery environment through the continuous provision they provide, irresistible activities and experiences as well as through close relationships and bonds. All children make good progress from their initial starting points and achievement can be demonstrated through strong anecdotal evidence, learning journeys, tracking and assessments.

Agreed judgements:

The overall all effectiveness of the EYFS provision in the nursery is good. There are elements of outstanding practice in leadership and management.

Martine Horvath

Monday 16 May, 2016