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Our Theme for this Term

 Our theme for this term is how to keep ourselves healthy.

We asked the children what things they would like to find out about how to keep healthy, and they told us..

"Are pancakes healthy"

"Can we eat chocolate"

" I don't like to eat vegetables is that healthy?"

We carried out a range of activities to allow the children to develop their understanding on how to keep ourselves healthy, this included having a healthy mind too!

We attended Carrolls the greengrocers and the children chose fruit they hadn't tried before. This was a great learning experience and the children were most impressed by the blood oranges we tried! One of the children told us " These are so yummy and juicy" " But it isn't real blood in there".

We also looked at ways to keep our teeth healthy, the children practiced on our dolls (with pretend toothpaste) and gave their teeth a brush.