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All Saints Church of England Primary and Nursery School


In All Saints we have a whole school approach in regards to nurture and have members of staff who have completed a variety of training in Thrive, ELSA, counselling skills, and social and behavioural support.  

Below you will find resources to help. 

Using feelings cards is a great way to prompt children to discuss their feelings and also to link physicality with emotions. There is no right or wrong answer with these types of cards, the feelings just are what they are! These cards are used with children throughout the school, regardless of age, and are a good first step into discussing feelings with a trusted adult. 


This feelings chart has a bit more of a direct approach and is similar to the Zones of Regulation. You can put any kind of pictures along the top to make it extra special for your child. Discuss where your rest area could be, or a place to go when your child needs to stop. Having a plan in place will help your child feel safe when emotions become too heightened. 


Create your own feelings chart using the blank example below: 



Please find a summary below of Thrive tips and tricks, and activities, that have come directly from our Practitioner's best practice and Thrive training theory. 

Tips and Tricks on Thrive Language and Activities

thrive resources.pdf

Mental Health 

Mental Health and Emotional Wellbeing Information Sheet for Support

mental health and emotional wellbeing.pdf

 We often have groups run by the Mental Health Support Team on how to help your children with their mental health. Find some tips from one of their webinars below!

Please find information on the upcoming CAMHS webinars:

CAMHS Pre-Recorded Webinars on ADHD, Anxiety, Depression, Eating Disorders, Self-esteem and resilience, Sleep, Autism and challenging behaviour.