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All Saints Church of England Primary and Nursery School

Our Inclusive Community

LGBT+ Practitioner Profile

My name is Clare Holman-Hobbs and I’m the Designated LGBT+ Contact for All Saints Primary School and Nursery in Sidley, East Sussex. I am a trained Thrive Practitioner, ELSA and one of two Family Support Workers on site.  

Part of my role is to help children and families in a pastoral setting, whereby I facilitate and help navigate feelings, either through groups or one to one sessions. This is particularly evident in my role as a Thrive Practitioner, where I see many children on our roll once a week to discuss and work through any feelings they may have. In the past, children who are LGBT+ have come to me to discuss their sexuality and I have been able to happily share that I am part of the LGBT+ family too.

I came out as bisexual at the age of 30 after a few years of struggling with internalised biphobia. I didn’t always know I was bisexual, but after growing up and getting to know myself better, I knew this was a part of myself I was struggling to define. I think had I had more positive LGBT+ role models growing up, I may have understood myself better at an earlier age and I may not have had the struggles I did have later in life when coming to terms with my sexuality.

Moving forward, I strive to be a positive role model for the children and families of All Saints, with an open door policy for those that wish to discuss their gender or sexuality, or anything LGBT+. This may include discussing and educating other members of our school community, be it children or families, to help others understand the importance of embracing ourselves and who we are.

Everyone deserves to feel happy and comfortable in their own skin, and by being awarded the Rainbow Flag, we are making a clear declaration that this is our mission statement, that we aim to be a school that prioritises safety, inclusivity and individuality.


Please find below the assembly on LGBT+ History Month that was delivered to the school in February 2023.

lgbt history month assembly.pdf

In June 2023, we delivered an assembly on Pride Month. Please find the slides below.

pride assembly.pdf