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All Saints Church of England Primary and Nursery School

Our Curriculum Implementation

As a primary school, our core purpose is to ensure that all our pupils reach their potential in all areas of the curriculum, leaving this school with both high levels of attainment and having progressed well from their starting point. We believe that we will be more successful if this core goal is enshrined in a clear and shared approach to teaching and learning and to the school ethos and this is done through our Teaching and learning Policy.  We use evidence based research to ensure our approaches will be effective.  Teachers regularly reflect upon how they teach to ensure we continually strive to improve.

Teaching and Learning Policy

Our curriculum is designed and delivered to ensure children  can transfer key information to long-term memory.  All knowledge and skills are sequenced so learning builds as pupils move through nursery and school.  Each subject is led by a teacher and the progression of knowledge produced for each subject enables learning and the acquisition of knowledge to be coherently sequenced; teachers know what has been learned before in each subject area and there are clearly defined end-points. 

Skill progression documents

Knowledge progression documents (see subject pages)

This link takes you to our 2023-24 whole school curriculum map.  The green text refers to National Curriculum coverage and the red text indicates which skills will be learnt across the term. These match the school's skill progression documents