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All Saints Church of England Primary and Nursery School

Year 1 Orange Class

Teachers: Mrs Sinfield and Mrs Cook

Our topic this term is Pirates and Explorers and our key question is 'What is the difference between pirates and explorers?' We will explore this through our work in History and English with a focus on Christopher Columbus and Grace O'Malley. We will also spend time in our English lessons learning some stories from around the world and in Geography, Music and PE we will learn about some of these countries' traditions. Our Art unit explores primary and secondary colours. In Science we will continue to learn about materials and their properties, as well as finding out about the changes that occur from Winter into the new season of Spring. In Maths we will be covering a place value unit working with number to 50 and we will also explore length and height, weight and volume. In PE this term we will be learning some simple dances from around the world and learning the skills needed to play some team games. 

We will do PE every Friday so please ensure that your child has a named PE kit and a change of footwear in school at all times. 


Supersonic Phonic Friends

We will continue our Phonics journey using our exciting validated scheme- Supersonic Phonic Friends. This term we will continue Higher Level 5- Choose to Use. The children will learn new spellings for the sounds that they already know. The children will bring home a weekly Phonics newsletter so that you know what stage they are at with their learning and can support them with this. 

Please read with your child 5 times a week at home- it is vital to the development of their reading that they practise the Phonics skills that they learn at school by applying them to their reading at home regularly. You can also come into the Year 1 classroom after school everyday to read with your child.

Knowledge Organiser

Each term, we produce a knowledge organiser to explain the key areas of the topic we will be focusing on.  A knowledge organiser is a document that contains key facts and information that children need to have a basic knowledge and understanding of a topic.

Most knowledge organisers will include:

  • the essential facts about the topic, usually laid out in easily digestible chunks
  • key vocabulary or technical terms and their meaning
Knowledge Organiser Term 4- Pirates and Explorers


Homework grids are in the children's homework books. The children can choose to do as many of the activities as they wish. They can hand their homework in at any point in the term- we love to see what they have been doing at home.

Year 1 Homework grid Term 4


 If you have any queries please come and ask us, we will try our best to help!