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Year 1

Orange Class 


This term Fairy Tales will be our main book focus. Through these books the children will be learning to retell stories, write simple sentences, sequence events in a story and write captions. They will use familiar stories as a stimulus for their own writing and will write character profiles. We will identify the main characters and settings of stories and use puppets to role play stories and experiences. We will listen to and recite poems and rhymes; select suitable words to describe poetry and write our own poems. We will use the Letters and Sounds programme daily to continue to develop the children phonics skills.


This term we will focus on being really secure with numbers to 10. We will count to ten, forwards and backwards, beginning with any given number. We will count, read and write numbers to 10 in numerals and words. We will identify one more or one less than a number. The children will also spend some time exploring different ways of representing numbers, either pictorially or with objects. We will then move on to working out number bonds and related subtraction facts within 10. We will read, write and interpret mathematical statements involving addition (+), subtraction (-) and equals (=) signs.

Learning Journey (cross curricular subjects)

In Science we will be identifying and naming body parts and exploring the five senses. We will also spend some time focusing on the season of Autumn. In Computing we will be creating our own eBooks using the fairy tales that we will be studying in English. DT focusses on mechanisms and incorporating these into a moving fairy tale scene. Through Geography the children will name, locate and identify characteristics of the four countries and capital cities of the UK and its surrounding seas. Music focusses on appraising a piece of music using correct vocabulary, RE will be looking at the Creation Story, in PE we will be learning a variety of games and PSHE will focus on ‘Being me in my world’.


Homework grid in homework books.

  • Reading daily and practising reading and spelling Year 1 Common Exception words. 
  • Counting to and from 10

Targets this term


  • Practise forming each letter correctly
  • Use full stops and capital letters in their writing


  • Read and write numbers to 10
  • Order numbers to 10

Personal and Social

  • To follow class rules


Homework grid: Year 1 Term 1           

English: Fairy Tales

Topic: Moving pictures, the United Kingdom

Maths: Numbers to 10

Read a range of fairy tales. Retell your favourite one to an adult. Talk about the main characters, the beginning, middle and end of the story.

Create a map of the United Kingdom.

Label the four countries and their capital cities.

(England, Scotland, Wales, Northern Ireland, London, Edinburgh, Cardiff, Belfast)

Practise counting forwards and backwards between 0 and 10.

Write a list of fairy tale characters.

Challenge: Can you organise your list into ‘good’ characters and ‘bad’ characters?

Draw a simple map of your journey from home to school.

Practise writing numbers 0-10, make sure all your numbers are round the right way!

Practise writing all of the letters of the alphabet. Make sure your letters are the right way round!

Draw or paint a picture of your favourite fairy tale. Can you add any moving parts to your picture?

Explore adding and subtracting numbers to 10. Try using objects to help you and have a go at writing the matching addition or subtraction sentence using the +, - and = signs.

Children in Year 1 can choose to do as many of the above tasks as they wish. They can hand their homework in at any point in the term.


On-going learning:

Children are expected to read at home at least five times a week and this should be recorded in their reading record.

Practise reading and spelling the Year 1 common exception words.


Thank you for supporting your child’s learning.

If you have any queries please come and ask us, we will try our best to help!