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All Saints Church of England Primary and Nursery School

           Year 3 Green Class   

        Teacher: Miss Gale 

Our topic this term is:

Stone Age to Iron Age

Our topic question is:

"How did Britain change from the Stone Age to the Iron Age?" 

Stone Age Boy: Kitamura, Satoshi, Kitamura, Satoshi:  0787721953272: BooksWhat can ancient DNA tell us about Stone Age people? - Science Journal for  Kids

Knowledge Organisers

Each term, we produce a knowledge organiser to explain the key areas of the topic we will be focusing on.  A knowledge organiser is a document that contains key facts and information that children need to have a basic knowledge and understanding of a topic.

Most knowledge organisers will include:

  • the essential facts about the topic, usually laid out in easily digestible chunks
  • key vocabulary or technical terms and their meaning

This term's knowledge organisers:

Term 1 Topic Knowledge Organiser

Term 1 Science Knowledge Organiser



Please read with your child 5x a week at home and sign it in their reading record.

Please encourage your child to play Times Table Rock Stars 5x a week.

Follow the link for our homework tasks this term:

Term 1 Homework Sheet