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Year 5

Indigo Class

Teacher: Mrs Rogers


Holes by Louis Sachar

We will be studying this lively story throughout term 4. It will give us the opportunity to compare works by the same author, as we will be reading Sachar’s ‘There’s a Boy in the Girls’ Bathroom’ in term 6. I will be asking the children not to watch the film while we read the book, so that we can watch the plot unfold as we read it together. We will then watch the film towards the end of the term, and compare the book to the film.

Our weekly spellings will continue, with the children bringing home ‘Look, say, cover’ sheets in order to practise them. We will continue to study the morphology and etymology of different words, looking at the origins of words and how they can be changed into different word classes by adding prefixes and suffixes. We will also continue learning new vocabulary, with our ‘Word of The Day’ This was very successful in term 5, as the children learnt many new words, and used them well in their writing.


We will start the term with more work on division and multiplication. Then we will move onto fractions: adding, subtracting and multiplying. Following that we will be delving deeper into decimals, ordering and rounding them, as well as calculating using numbers with decimals. We will then deepen our skills by looking at reasoning and problem solving using the skills we have learnt. You can help at home by involving your child with problem solving activities… e.g. ‘if we need to leave at 3 o’clock how many minutes have we got til we go?’ or ‘if I need 50 g of pasta per person for dinner, how many grams do we need altogether?’

We will continue to look at Times Tables Rock Stars, completing weekly challenges in class, as well as the occasional online challenge when time allows! All children should have brought home log in details, please let us know if those are lost as we can resend them if necessary.

Foundation Subjects 

In geography this term we will be learning about Rivers and river systems, both in Britain and across the world. Alongside that we will be learning more about the water cycle, and linking with our science topic, living things and their habitats. This will involve looking at plants as well as animals, and we hope to get some plants growing during the term.

For RE we will be learning about Lent and Easter, finishing off with a closer look at the events of Holy Week. We will also be thinking about the value of Thankfulness.


There will be a new Homework Menu for Term 4, with some of the activities on the topic of Rivers.

Targets this term:


  • Use a wide variety of sentence structure in writing.
  • Read regularly and discuss what we are reading.



  • Times tables-rapidly recall multiplication and division facts for tables to 12
  • Use times table knowledge to solve problems involving multiplication and division, especially those using percentages.