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Year 6

Violet Class

Class Teacher: Miss Abbie Sinden 

Our PE lessons will take place on a Wednesday this term. Please ensure your child has the correct kit in school! 

Please encourage your child to complete their homework independently and on time - it will help them in the transition to Secondary school!

Remember to sign your child's reading journal for them to be entered into the reading raffle.


This term we will be using the film, 'The Greatest Showman' as a stimulus for our writing. We will be exploring a range of genres including: non-chronological reports, adverts, story extracts, informal and formal letters as well as poetry. This is the last opportunity for the children to show off their amazing writing skills and all the techniques they have learnt this year before heading off to secondary school!

A new handwriting scheme has been adopted by the whole school so we will continue to encourage the children to use joined, neat and legible handwriting. The children are allowed to bring their own blue ink pens to use. It is an expectation that all children in Key Stage 2 should be joining their writing so please encourage your children at home. 

In our reading sessions, we will continue our reading lessons through'Destination Reader'. The children will be looking at learning behaviours and exploring all the different skills needed to be a good reader. 



This term, we will be using all the skills we have learnt this year to solve a number of real-life problems. Our main focus will be our 'Enterprise Week'. In groups of 3, the children will be given £10 to build their own business. This is a fantastic opportunity for the children to experience how businesses work and enable them to tackle real-life problems involving money independently. Keep your eyes peeled for a letter with more details coming soon!

Please continue to encourage your child to practise their times tables at home using times table rock stars and education city. 

Foundation Subjects  

Topic Question: Does money make the world go round?

Geography: Counties in the UK

Science: Changing Materials 

RE: How do people put their beliefs into action? 

PE: Athletics and rounders 

Art: Bauhaus School of Art and Design 

DT: Enterprise Week

Computing: How does the internet work?

PSHE: Sex and relationships education 

This term, the children will also have the opportunity to learn some Spanish! Ms Skues will be in class one session a week this term. 


  • To use the range of punctuation taught at Key Stage 2
  • Exercise an assured and conscious control over levels of formality, particularly by manipulating grammar and vocabulary to achieve this 
  • To continue to edit and improve writing independently 


  • To manage money to create a profit 
  • To not give up when Maths is difficult! In Year 6, we are resilient learners!