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All Saints Church of England Primary and Nursery School

Phonics at All Saints

At All Saints we teach Phonics using the validated SSP programme ‘Supersonic Phonic Friends’ throughout Foundation Stage and Key Stage 1.

The programme is a fully systematic, synthetic phonic approach ranging from the simple to the complex spellings of the alphabetic code. Supported by their Supersonic Phonic friends, this approach ensures children develop confidence and apply each skill to their own reading and writing. Weekly parent newsletters are sent home for all of the phases so that parents are able to support and continue the children’s learning at home.

Progression Overview



Firm Foundations: General Sound Discrimination (Environmental Sounds, Instrumental Sounds and Body Percussion) and Phonological Awareness (Rhythm and Rhyme, Alliteration and Oral Blending and Segmenting)


Basics 2: At least one spelling for 18 of the 44 sounds of the English language.

Basics 3: Teaches the spellings for the further 26 sounds of the English language.

Phonological Awareness continues.

Year 1

Basics 4: Teaches children to hear more than three sounds in a word, focusing on adjacent consonants.

Higher Level Phonics 5c and b: Teaches the concept that there is more than one spelling for a sound that they can hear in a word and that one spelling can make up to two different sounds in words.

Phonological Awareness continues.

Year 2

Suze’s spelling rules and patterns: Teaches specific spelling rules adding suffixes and prefixes.

Phonological Awareness continues.

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